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Matt Cameron

Ever feeling blue or just sorrowful for no reason? Well, that’s okay! Over here at Jovial Pages, I publish joyous and merry content that will surely brighten your day!

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  • Extinct Days- A Poem
    Hey everyone! We have all had those moments when we become overcome by a spiral of nostalgia, right? There are so many times where I just feel like going back in the past and make he present better. But, I have come into terms that what has happened, has happened… Continue reading Extinct Days- A Poem
  • Book Review Collab! Ft. Arwa
    Hey everyone! I am back with another collab! Here is Arwa from The Corner Shop. Her blog is so lovely and I enjoy reading her splendid posts😊. We decided to do a review of ‘The Perks of Being a Wallflower’ written by Stephen Chbosky. Be sure to check out her… Continue reading Book Review Collab! Ft. Arwa
  • Don’t Quit- Edgar A Guest
    Hey everyone! This is the fourth entry to my blog series Poems-n-Smiles. Poems-n-Smiles is where I share one positive poem with a few lines summarizing it + my thoughts. The post will conclude with affirmations, to boost your energy. Today’s poem is ‘Don’t Quit’ written by Edgar A Guest. Most likely,… Continue reading Don’t Quit- Edgar A Guest