Quotes- Ultimate Source of Inspiration

Start your positive journey by browsing quotes. Hey! This is my second post! Woohooo!! I love reading quotes; it gives me the boost to be the best version of myself! Two lines, just two lines is required to give enough energy to keep going. Quotes are excerpts from the lives of widely famous people, which … Continue reading Quotes- Ultimate Source of Inspiration

Why I started Jovial Pages?

Hey everyone, this is Maith. A short introduction about myself- I am a zestful teen with a zeal for literature. I love writing poetry (taking a trip through the vales of imagination, hehe) & reading classics and sci-fi books.I have another blog on blogger http://www.maithworld.blogspot.com, where I post my poems, stories and ramblings. Do check … Continue reading Why I started Jovial Pages?