Why I started Jovial Pages?

Hey everyone, this is Maith. A short introduction about myself- I am a zestful teen with a zeal for literature. I love writing poetry (taking a trip through the vales of imagination, hehe) & reading classics and sci-fi books.
I have another blog on blogger www.maithworld.blogspot.com, where I post my poems, stories and ramblings. Do check it out!

2020, was a rollercoaster. It was an outstanding opportunity to get accustomed to the latest technology, through the internet and also to figure out alternate methods of learning. But, also it was bitter due to the enormous pandemic that swept through every country, endangering our health. I experienced happy and sad moments all while living through the lockdown. It truly seemed as if we were in Anne Frank’s time!

The biggest lesson 2020 has given me is to be Positive. We made it through that gruesome year, just by having a smile and hoping for better years and journeys. I went through a phase where I felt devoid of all the cheer in the world, and just by reading happy stuff I felt energized. Hence I decided to create this blog, Jovial Pages, to pen down all the merriness I can speculate about and just hope to spread joy.

warm wishes

I hope you enjoyed my first post. Please like, subscribe and keep visiting Jovial Pages.

12 thoughts on “Why I started Jovial Pages?

  1. It’s very nice to meet you! I love the name of your blog and your reason for making it πŸ’› 2020 taught us so many things, and while it was crazy and scary at times, I’m thankful for the positive that came from it πŸ˜Šβ˜€οΈ

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