Results of the Poll!

In my previous post, I made a poll to decide what I could do for my 150+ Followers Milestone. I got 16 votes and here's the winner!! YAYYYY!!!!! (It was a close call, hehe) Reacting to Assumptions I am super excited to do a Reacting to Assumptions post! I have read this kind of post … Continue reading Results of the Poll!

Dreams- Langston Hughes + Exciting News

Hey everyone! This is the fifth entry to my blog series Poems-n-Smiles. Poems-n-Smiles is where I share one positive poem with a few lines summarizing it + my thoughts. The post will conclude with affirmations, to boost your energy. Today’s poem is ‘Dreams' written by Langston Hughes (Keep scrolling for some exciting news!) I am a … Continue reading Dreams- Langston Hughes + Exciting News