Dreams- Langston Hughes + Exciting News

Hey everyone! This is the fifth entry to my blog series Poems-n-Smiles.

Poems-n-Smiles is where I share one positive poem with a few lines summarizing it + my thoughts. The post will conclude with affirmations, to boost your energy.

Today’s poem is ‘Dreams’ written by Langston Hughes (Keep scrolling for some exciting news!) I am a huge fan of poems that are simple, small yet unearth a lot of meaning. So, y’all might have already heard about Langston Hughes. He was one of the most important figures in the Harlem Renaissance and the inventor of a literary art form called jazz poetry. Most of his works are reflective and thought provoking. This poem is about the goals and passion.

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Hold fast to dreams 
For if dreams die
Life is a broken-winged bird
That cannot fly.

Hold fast to dreams
For when dreams go
Life is a barren field
Frozen with snow.

Isn’t it such a teeny yet splendid two versed poem? I think it is just perfect.

‘Dreams’ is one of Langston Hughes’s many poems about the power and necessity of dreams for both individuals and communities.

We all have dreams, aspirations on how we want our future to be right? Bot most of the time it sinks under the unprecedented factors that surround us. This poems aims to tell you that no matter what the situation is, hold on to your dreams and they will hold on to you! The poem has two metaphors namely a bird and a barren land.

The first line of the poem is straightforward; Hold fast to your dreams. I think he uses the word ‘fast’ to say that sometimes dreams can be snatched or taken away. So you better hold on to them, before they wither. He then continues by describing a life without dreams as a bird without wings that is fractured and unable to soar the seven seas. This shows that without goals, life becomes painful, frustrating, deprived, and short. One can’t get the thrill of life, if you remain earthbound and uncomfortable to see the stars. He stresses on the fact that dreams are a trait of humanity that drives and sustains us.
Abandoning dreams robs life of its vitality and purpose.

If you have a heartbeat, there’s still time for your dreams.

Sean Stephenson

Now the poem becomes slightly ominous. A dreamless life is a desolate field. The first stanza is referred through this. A lame bird has the possibility of recovery, but a barren land without even a morsel of life doesn’t have any chance of coming back. It is frozen with snow and has narrow chances of a good future. Life is cold and dreary, but it is the veil of dreams that provides the little wonders of life. Dreams preserve, nourish, and enrich the journey, like crops from a fertile field.

Hughes clearly mentions that dreams aren’t constant in the shift from “if dreams die” (first stanza) to “when dreams go” (second). A dream you had a year ago might not be the same you have today. But the more you dream, the more life becomes vibrant.

Photo by Josh Hild on Pexels.com

Having goals gives us small victories which one day will lead to the ultimate crown. To make dreams a reality, you ought to strive towards it. Only then it shall become a part of reality.

You can always use goal charts to help organize your goals and work on them! And remember to set chunks of small goals in order to achieve the bigger picture with ease 🙂

Now the Affirmations… 😀

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I reached 150+ followers in the past week!!!!! Yayyyyyy!!!!! Thank you guys so much!!!!! I am so glad that you like my minute part of the vast internet!

So, I had been wondering on what I can do to celebrate a milestone and decided to create a poll so that y’all can vote in it (help me decide XD). I will do a post on the one with maximum votes.

Thank you so much for voting! I will soon be posting the winner 😉

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Well, that’s all. I hope that you were inspired by this post and enjoyed reading it! What are your thoughts on dreams? Have you read Langston Hughes’ other works? Have you accomplished your dream? Did you vote on the poll?
Tell me in the comments! 😁

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24 thoughts on “Dreams- Langston Hughes + Exciting News

  1. Ooh that ‘Dreams’ poem has some great reminders! 💖
    Congrats on 150 Maith! I’m so happy for you! 😍💕💕🎉
    By the way I don’t think I’ve ever told you, but I love the digital graphics you include in your posts! 😊👍💗
    I’ll vote on the poll once I finish this comment 😉

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  2. Congrats Maith!! Way to go girl!!
    And these poems are so good and what you’ve written down along with them is honestly so deep and meaningful! Such a great post!!❤

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  3. I got so excited when I saw this post! That poem, Dreams, has been one of my Mom’s favorite poems, and one day she shared it with me and I loved it too! It really is an inspiring poem! 💜

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