The Little Beam

Hey everyone! Sorry for this unannounced hiatus of over a month. I did have a blogging block as I was out of ideas on what to write about. I would be delighted if you could let me know some post suggestions, in the comments!

My school publishes a newsletter every semester, and they ask us to submit articles/stories/ poems etc. I decided to write a poem, called ‘The Little Beam.’

The Little Beam

I found this picture, and I really liked it… It is so calming. The gradient and the gentle shift in brightness really plays well with the mind. Those wee flowers look so splendid and they look like they are awakening from a slumber and feeling rejuvenated by the light. The background previously consumed by eeriness, is now brimmed with life and joy.

The first thing I that popped into my mind was how even a small ray of light, can tremendously change the surrounding in a dark place. The photons, though minute, are therapeutic. It is kind of like optimism. Even in the worst of time, a tiny positive thought will suddenly make the whole scene jaunty and effulgent! I know, sometimes it feels like all the merriness of life is drained, but look under every nook and cranny, happiness is everywhere!

Never give up to the darkness. Ignite the light and make it shine stronger than ever!

Stay strong!

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Yes, this post is shortπŸ˜…. I reached 200+ followers btw!! You guys, thank you so much!!! I am always inspired to write more only because of your wonderful and benevolent support! πŸ’•
Well, that’s all!
Hope you liked my poem!! What are your thoughts on it? Do you have any instances where just thinking positive helped you overcome obstacles? Does your school publish a magazine? Any tips to enhance my posts? Post ideas? Tell me in the comments! 😁

29 thoughts on “The Little Beam

  1. Wooow, beautiful poem! Post ideas… *um*
    You could share more poetry, you could try a photoshoot (even if you’re not a photographer per se), you could… that’s all I have….
    I’m really not good at coming up with post ideas when asked hehe, I don’t need to see any of these, but if you want… hopefully that’s helpful!

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  2. Blogging blocks can be really annoying at times – you see so many other bloggers posting content, and yet.. none of them really click/give you inspiration! My school doesn’t publish a magazine, but last year, our grade got together & created an initiative where we shared our songs, poems, articles & any creative videos! This was so fun to read, Maith – I love the idea behind it, and can’t wait to see your posts often now! OH, and congrats on 200+ – that’s awesome!!!

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    1. I agree, Maya. Sometimes, I just want to post something but I can’t seem to think of anything at all! Oh wow, that sounds brilliant!! Thank you Maya, your comments are always so uplifting ❀ πŸ˜ŠπŸ€—


  3. Heya Maith! Beautiful poem there! And hurray 200 follows! You deserve it ❀
    post ideas, now that's kind of hard to say. But then since you read a lot, perhaps you could make a mini reviews post of all the books you've read in 2021? I'd love to find new book suggestions!
    Sending lot's of love,

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  4. That’s a beautiful poem and a beautiful picture as well ( I really really like the aesthetics of that pic)
    And lastly really good to see people spreading positivity rather than complaining !!!!

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