Hey I am Maith!

A bibliophile, poet, science enthusiast, star wars mega fan and since 2020- a blogger on two platforms!

I am zesty teen with quite a lot of reflections to share with the world! You can spot me snuggling with a book or writing on my laptop😉.

I first started off as a blogger in April when I created a blog called Maith’s Musings. I still blog over there too, by sharing my poems, stories, articles, and some other stuff from my life! 

I discovered my love for writing and reading when I was in kindergarten, and have continued to cherish them till today. Right now, I enjoy Classics, YA (particularly John Green) and Sci-Fi!

Some of my other hobbies include- karate, singing, playing the violin, quizzing, cooking, sketching, researching random stuff and going for long nature walks😀.

The importance of positivity has been showcased to us in excess during the pandemic. We made it through by just inculcating a little sunshine in our lives! I was deeply impacted on this message of happiness, that I decided to start this blog to do my bit in making the world a mirthful place! 😊😊😊

This blog will be a haven of good vibes and serene writings, just to bring a smile to your face.

Join me on this journey to appreciate the simple goodies of life!

Hope you enjoy reading! Don’t forget to like, share and subscribe to get a notification every time I post in your inbox!

air hugs