2022- No Overwhelm

Hello everyone. It has been a long very long time since I wrote a post... Wow, my last one was in August... I hope you haven't forgotten me! So many things happened and I don't know where to start. First of all, (I know I'm late) Happy New Year!! No more 2020, no more 2021, … Continue reading 2022- No Overwhelm

Finding the Bright Side- A Poem

The lockdown...unexpected, gruesome, sorrowful, productive, and mostly a different experience. I did so many things, which I couldn't have accomplished if it weren't for the ample free time I received by staying home 🙂 I wrote a poem summarizing my whole lockdown experience and am glad to say that it was published on This Teenage Life Website😀. It is … Continue reading Finding the Bright Side- A Poem