Finding the Bright Side- A Poem

The lockdown…unexpected, gruesome, sorrowful, productive, and mostly a different experience. I did so many things, which I couldn’t have accomplished if it weren’t for the ample free time I received by staying home 🙂

I wrote a poem summarizing my whole lockdown experience and am glad to say that it was published on This Teenage Life Website😀. 
It is also a podcast (one of my favorites) where a group of teenagers along with an adult converse about the things happening around and how it is affecting everyone. I love listening to it because of the authenticity and the soul-to-soul talk. They also discuss issues that are experienced by adolescents and it gives me confidence as I now know that I’m not the only one facing them 🙂 A great podcast for sure! 
They also have a blog where they post a wide range of wonderful writings. Be sure to check it out 😉

So, this is the link to view my poem

Finding the Bright Side

The pandemic—an abrupt episode,
That caused schools to conclude.
Holidays, freedom, and ecstasy,
Sigh. Lockdowns crushed my fantasy.

Being stuck at home was a bore,
Gadgets making my eyes sore!
Pouting over the delightful past,
My room was the whole world, alas…

Being indolent made me frustrated,
“Create a blog,” my parents suggested.
I started sharing my little stories and poems,
Gained friends from across the globe!

The latest technology made me merry,
Met my pals through zoom and sundry.
Attended webinars to stay busy,
Even my grandparents found this to be a novelty!

No more hustle-bustle; my family was free,
We bonded over games and TV.
Delectable dishes, I learned to make.
My culinary knowledge—now not vague!

Books became my companions again,
John Green, Virginia Woolf, and J.R.R. Tolkien!
I drowned in the pages of literature,
My imagination, nurtured.

The icing on the cake—online classes,
Learning in PJs and not much stress!
Though I miss my friends indeed,
Staying safe is the need.

Lo! Time flew; summer’s back,
The situation is still intact.
Masks and sanitizers now cordial,
We have just entered a new normal.

Resilience is the one aspect of humanity that is the strongest. Even in this darkness, there was a bright side. I embarked on a divine ‘virtual’ self-journey in 2020, that I will cherish for years to come.

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I have written a similar kind of post back on my blogger blog. Do check it out 😉

Well, that’s all. I hope you liked the poem! What are your thoughts? Any feedback? Recommendations for a good podcast? Are you a poet? Do you have a blog?
Tell me in the comments 😁

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40 thoughts on “Finding the Bright Side- A Poem

  1. Great post, Maith! This is so relatalbe, and it’s true; blogging has created a lovely way for us kids to share our words with the world.

    And congratulations on getting in published on The Teenage Life! Here’s to many more 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Awesome ! Maith. Your poem resonates with all.Especially new normal has helped lot of us unleash our real self…our passion.After all it wasnt/isnt that bad phase at all !!

    Way to go! ….congrats on being featured in This Teenage life website !

    Liked by 1 person

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